The Hawera Cinema complex is an independently operated cinema, operated by a trust on behalf of the South Taranaki community. The core purpose of the cinema is to provide quality entertainment for the South Taranaki community and visitors to the region based on movies. All those involved in the cinema strive to ensure that it is a community asset that all are proud to be associated with.

Please note...

- We want to ensure you don't miss the beginning of the movie so we recommend you arrive 20 minutes prior to the advertised start time 
- Tickets will not be refunded once the movie has commenced
- You must have photo ID for all (R) restricted films: R13, R16, R18
- We accept free distributor passes for certain movies after their first 3 weeks of screening

Ticket Prices

- Children 12 years and under: $14.50
- Adults 18 to 64 years: $17.50
- Seniors 65 years and over: $14.50
- Students 13 to 17 years: $15.50
Discount Wednesday
- General seating: $14.00
3D glasses
-$2.50 a pair
Family passes
Must attend the same movie and session time
- Family of 4 (Maximum 2 Adults): $60.00
- Family of 3 (Maximum 1 Adult): $43.50
Please note gift vouchers and 2 for 1 vouchers cannot be used with the Family pass deals

Cinema Lounge Tickets

Our premium Lounge area is designated Restricted in the terms of our Liquor License.
You must have a premium lounge ticket and be 18 years of age or older to sit in the cinema lounge seating.
- Adults Double Lounge: $41.00 (Seats maximum of 2 people)
- Seniors Double Lounge: $35.00 (Seats maximum of 2 people)
- Adult/Senior Double Lounge: $38.00 (Seats a maximum of 2 people)
- Single Adult Lounge: $20.50
- Single Senior Lounge: $17.50
Discount Wednesday
- Premium Lounge seating: $17.00
Please note 2 for 1 vouchers cannot be used for our premium lounge seating