Our Cinema


The Hawera Cinema  complex is an independently operated cinema, operated by a trust on behalf of the South Taranaki community. The core purpose of the cinema is to provide quality entertainment for the South Taranaki community and visitors to the region based on movies. All those involved in the cinema strive to ensure that it is a community asset that all are proud to be associated with.



We are seeking your support by way of our sponsor a seat promotion to help maintain and upgrade our facility. When you sponsor a seat a name of your choice will be embroidered onto the back of a cinema seat (15cm x 10cm)

This sponsorship is available for individuals or businesses.

Single seat $75.00, Two or more seat $65.00 per seat

Please contact Hawera Cinemas to secure your seat cinema2office@gmail.com

CURRENT Ticket Prices

2D Prices:

Children 12 years and under: $10.00
Adults 20 to 64 years: $14.00
Seniors 65 years and over: $11.00

Students 13 to 19 years: $11.00

3D Prices:

Children 12 years and under: $13.00
Adults 20 to 64 years: $17.00
Seniors 65 years and over: $14.00

Students 13 to 19 years: $14.00

3D glasses $2.00 a pair

Family passes: Must attend the same movie and session time

2D Family of 4 (Maximum 2 Adults): $41.00
3D Family of 4 (Maximum 2 Adults): $53.00 (3D glasses extra)

2D Family of 3 (Maximum 1 Adult): $31.00
3D Family of 3 (Maximum 1 Adult): $40.00 (3D glasses extra)

Please note gift vouchers cannot be used with the Family pass deals

Cinema Lounge Tickets

You must have a premium lounge ticket and be 20 years of age or older to sit in the cinema lounge seating

2D Adults $32.00 (Seats maximum 2 people)
2D Seniors $25.00 (Seats maximum 2 people)
2D Adult/Senior $28.50 (Seats maximum 2 people)

3D Adults $38.00 (Seats maximum 2 people)
3D Seniors $31.00 (Seats maximum 2 people)
3D Adult/Senior $34.50 (Seats maximum 2 people)


Digital 3D

Master Image 3D is the new generation of entertainment, with Crisp clear images and the highest colour fidelity producing superior image quality. The images are so lifelike you feel like you’ve stepped inside the movie.

Master Image adds depth that puts you in the thick of the action, whether you’re taking a voyage through an undiscovered land or dodging objects that seem to fly into the theatre. Master Image is 100% digital so it delivers a stunningly realistic and fully immersive entertainment experience every time.

Unlike the old days of cardboard glasses, Master Image 3D glasses look like sunglasses, can be reused and are designed to comfortably fit over your prescription eyewear.

At Hawera Cinemas we also have the brand new format High Frame Rate 3D (HFR 3D). HFR 3D represents a technological advancement in the motion picture experience. This innovative format presents the picture in 48 frames per second (fps), which is closer to what the human eye actually sees. This is twice the rate of the standard 24 fps, which is the current format in cinemas worldwide.

With 48 fps / HFR 3D Blurry, incoherent action scenes are Gone. Now you can see every sword swing, rain droplet, and flickering flame with crystal clarity. You will be mesmerized by the detail, it’s amazing. Don’t just watch a movie; experience a new dimension of entertainment at Hawera Cinemas.


70% of all moviegoers in a recent survey conducted could recall specific cinema advertising. It has been proven that cinema advertising has 5 times the retention of TV advertising!

  • Captive and attentive audiences
  • Darkened auditorium
  • Unrivalled advertising impact
  • Sought after demographics
  • Highly targeted scheduling
  • Uncluttered media environment
  • Premium programming showing first-run movies and 3D
  • Fully accountable audience measurement system

With the continued amazing popularity of movies and the spectacular developments in cinematography including 3D, coupled with abundant new movies starring popular acting talent, soon to be released, paid admissions are likely to be exceeded yet again in the 2012/13 year. Cinema is a simple and effective medium to present your advertising message to your local market. Now is a great time to advertise at the movies!

Click here to make an advertising enquiry.